Shockwave and Flash Portfolio

Here are a links to a number of the programs we have created that are either running on the web, or have demos that do. Some additional examples and screen shots are in theSelected Clients section.

Whack the Monkey: A learning game for the College Pilot web site. It uses a fun game to quiz children as a part of an interactive SAT teaching program. The questions and answers are read in from files on the fly so they can be updated as desired.

Arthur's Music Box: An interactive children's puzzle and musical game. This is one of the most popular sections on the Arthur section of the PBS web site. Presentation- Flash: A short intro for the site.

PaperCalc: An exact simulation of a paper tape calculator in Shockwave.

Should I Buy Or Lease?: One in a suite of personal financial applications.

Should I Refinance?: Another in the personal financial application suite.

Guitar Tuner: A basic guitar tuner in Shockwave.

Traditional Metronome: A simulation of a traditional Seth Thomas metronome in Shockwave. 3D graphics were done in 3D Studio Max.

BarCHARTer: This is a very versitile bar charting application for Shockwave. The 3 versions displayed here, are actually the same program. They take data in from via the SW tags in the Embed and Object tags in the HTML and display the data and resize the chart on the fly using Director 8 imaging lingo!

full size
75% of full size
50% of full size

myKidCanPaint: This is an unreleased children's paint program done entirely in Lingo. No Xtras are required.

myWebTutor: A web-based interactive slideshow. Be sure to view the slideshow itself for a view of ZipTutor, a CD-based training tool I created for them. You can see another version of a player using basically the same code in the Profiles section of the NEClimbs web site. This one is for a series of online interviews of famous New England climbers.