Expertech Group

We worked with The Expertech Group for several years developing a comprehensive set of applications and tools. These have included presentation software, installers, general tools and utilities and much more.





Expertech "Video Player"
Video Player

The application above is part of a flexible Sales Training and Customer Presentation suite. One module displays a Director "Movie In A Window" or PowerPoint slideshow in the large window and a transcript of the video presentation in the smaller one. All elements remain perfectly synchronized to MPEG or Quicktime video in the upper left. There is full user control over playback or movement anywhere in the presentation. Multiple transcript windows are also supported, to facilitate additional language transcriptions.

Expertech "Authoring Tool"
Authoring Tool

We also developed a set of tools for creating presentation components. The Transcript Cast Authoring Tool, shown above, is one of these. It imports a transcription as a standard text file. The tool automatically breaks the text up into a series of separate elements. The user may then edit and manipulate the resulting text cast members and save them as a separate castlib. These tools do not require an installed copy of Director to use!

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