We created a suite of web based "apps" for, ranging from whimsical to serious. All were done using Shockwave.

Al Gore Pie Poll
Al Gore PiePoll

This is one of a pair of political satire apps collectively called "The PiePoll." The PiePoll lets a user throw a "virtual" pie at the presidential candidate of their choice. It attracted over 600,000 hits to the web site over a 4 month period. Of course both candidates were spoofed. A running tally of the popular vote was displayed as well as the Electoral College results.

USA Today Hot Site of the Day - 09/20/00
"Speaking of foodstuff, tired of pie-in-the-sky promises from presidential candidates? Get even with this online pie-toss poll. (As good a reason as any to upgrade your Shockwave player while you're at it.)"


Mortgage Comparison
Mortgage Comparison

We also created a set of three personal financial applications: Should I Refinance?, Should I Buy Or Lease?, and Mortgage Comparison. These are very comprehensive applications that would be useful for any individual looking to buy a house, refinance an existing mortgage, or lease a car.

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